Phys glove Hand model?

Hey, I’ve seen that the Phys gun placeholder is the default Rust pistol. Was wondering how people would feel if it replaced with a hand model with a glove over it. Could maybe rotate with the Phys gun as the player rotated props, moved it X/Y/Z.

Thoughts on that? I know physgun models are not a necessity rn

Maybe when VR support is added, but for now I think things are fine as they are.

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This is an interesting idea especially with VR in mind. But I would love to see a high resolution original Physgun model remake.

Something like this you’re talking, or have I misunderstood? I’ve used this addon for a long time so I’d love to see it.

Dude!! i was going to make one in the bootleg times of hla modding xd
i even made a concept model (which sucks)