Phys Gun picking up frozen props help!

Hello, im making a map of my school and i need frozen props that CANT be moved with the phys gun

the props are prop_physics but they need to be

Ive tryed ‘Motion Disable’ ‘Prevent Pickup’ and all sorts

Help me please!

Whats wrong with prop_static?

Or prop_dynamic if they can’t be prop _static.

Or prop_physics_override.

hmm, i like prop_physics_override

what does that do?

It makes props, prop_physics.

well i gathered that, but does it stop the physgun from picking it up

if it does, is there any flags i need to tick or something?

No, it doesn’t. Use prop_static, or gmod_allowphysgun keyvalue.

There used to be a keyvalue that you could prevent the physics gun from picking things up with, but Garry broke it.


:v: Garry broke it.

I thought he only broke allow_tools? last I heard anyway. Broke it altogether now?

I think so. I heard he broke both.

Have to test that when I get home then, probably need to update the wiki.

Try check the flags tab, should say something like, players are not able to punt this object and something else as well.

Hes talking about the physics gun in Garry’s Mod.

Yeah, i know ? :slight_smile:

Quite obviously not, the flags don’t stop it being picked up by the physgun, as stated in the OP.

Well it should work at least it does for me

Physgun limiter script/cvar set perhaps? Certainly doesnt work for me on a clean gmod install.

i dont know

but all i need is a prop that wont move upon using the phys gun

also, im using source engine 2006, Half Life 2

Do you need to have it prop_physics for another reason? Or you could just use prop_static instead.