phys maps no lag tutorial

ok iv read so many comments on how phys maps crash the game
and i have came aut with a selution up library
2.find gmod properties game startup
5.copy past the code +r_hunkalloclightmaps up a phys map
[dous not work on:phys_houce,phys_city]
you will still lag doh but not like crazy
7.have fun :3
it will wont work on evryone
dont forget to post comments :slight_smile:

Physics maps lag because the source engine isn’t designed to do such physics calculations.

Yet it worked fine before Episode 2 came along? No, more like the constraints system was changed and so when you load the map all the welds are removed instantly and it tries to calculate a lag of shit falling and colliding.

Well, it would be better if instead of having many props, one single prop that can be fully cut.

They are making Half life 3, which means they are going to be creating a new engine… they plan on creating extremely better physics in this new engine.

But, this will be a while.

I heard that EP1 automatically freezes props when not in use, EP2 does not.

Props get frozen when they’re not moving in either engine.