phys model

hi their hum…
i got a problem: i try from a long time to do good physical model but i fail
i tryed first to use the original model as phys model …fail
i tryed some tutorial
one of them told me to …“remake” the model with simble forme and to add all face of each forme to a different smoothing group (box1 smoothing group1 box2 smoothing group2 etc…)
an then aply texture to all… fail or i did it wrong
i tryed all face of all stuff to the same smoothing group but fail again:bang:
(ps sry if im bad at english :v:)

so… what do you want?..

i’m not missing something am i?

i need help for understand how to creat a good phys model

Just make a box. It shouldn’t be the shape of the object. Make it a low rectangle.


but the phys model will be just a box?


arf i dont want jsut a box a want a detailed phys model you see?
like that

1 cylinder in the middle
Four cylinders around it
3 squares in the solar panels.

The important thing to remember is, that the objects should not be connected otherwise you’ll be getting a collision mesh similar to the one you have.

Make that then show us a screenshot of the phys model’s .smd in your 3D program.

It can only get so detailed.

Thats a fully operable ragdoll…

ok you need an exemple
look at this cair

if i try to make a phys model it will look like that

edit: yes your ragdoll look like box because its a ragdoll! how do you want to make a phys model of a deformable part


The collision model needs to be comprised of individual convex elements.

Try saving the Phys smd without vertex weights, It’s usually either that or something else I can’t remember. xD

Wow, i might be able to help if SOMEONES spelling was good, anyway ETK2009 i heard from someone you released that model somewhere, is that true?

Wow, i might be able to help if SOMEONES spelling was good.


Theres a button called reply.

lol civil
anyway yes i tryed to make a phys model with a bunch of convex part but it stay bad