Phy's RP Server

I’m making a RP server, sadly I can’t make it 24/7 because I’m hosting it from my own computer but I’ll try to keep it on whenever I can. I am posting this thread because I want to hear what you want for the server.

Stuff that will be included:
LightRP “Redux” (FPTje’s DarkRP modded to be mostly exact to LightRP)
PHX/Wire (I dislike wire and PHX on RP but I know that people will be begging for it anyway, if either addons get abuse I’ll remove them)
essential custom stools (Door mod, stacker, etc.)
Youtube player (For movie nights if possible)
Includes game content from: The Orange Box, CSS, dod:s

rp_oviscity_gmc4 (oviscript included)

Again, if you have any suggestions, post them.
Since it’s supposed to be based around LightRP I’m not going to do custom classes/entities, there will be no classes other than cop, citizen and mayor and all entities are useable from the map itself.

On a related note, how can one make it so then you don’t automatically pick up a weapon or entity?