Phys_Hacienda, a physics map I’ve been working on for close to 2 years now. I decided to show it off now. It’s a lot of fun with moving cars and bombs. It also slowly falls apart when there’s a shootout going on.

Youtube Vid:

Not sure this belongs here…

2 years of shit.

if this took 2 years, then i feel sorry for you.

Two years you will never get back. I am fairly certain most people could have done this in 2 hours.

straight people are superior

Then this is the place for you!

Jeez guys, I’m actually happy that there are still people working on phys_maps.
Therefore I shall provide C&C:
The grass is fucking ugly to be first, I thing it would look way better when removed.
As I can’t tell from the video I don’t know about something like an ‘reset’ button to restore the map without having to relaunch it.
Also, the indestructable part is way to big, try to allow the tower to be destructable.
And fix the textures.
This map could be pretty good if you fix a lot of stuff.

The pieces of building are too big and straight in my opinion, try making the tower destructable too and change the grass / textures