A few of you have probably tried this, but I just did and wanted to spread the word.

You know how phys_pushscale <#> works right? Type in a scale, and forces are amplified to that degree? Well, apparently, you can make that number negative. :v: I’ll just let you load gmod, and work with that for a little while.


Took me a bit to figure out what it changed just don’t change it to a -100 and shoot at a prop

I love you for that idea.

/me runs to his computer, gets off his damn iPhone, turns the damn computer on, logs it in, waits for it to load, starts steam, goes online on steam friends, launches gmod, goes to single player, does what you just said not to do, and finishes this absurdly long sentence.

Also don’t forget phys_spinspeed #, the rotational counterpart.

Holy christ that sounds like fun.

prop revenge!

well, I dont understand what this is :S

Change to to a extremely high number or extremely low number and have fun shooting props

Is this like slow motion or something ?

This is awesome.

I still dont know what it does :C crying

If you set it to a negative number it negates forces. So if you shoot a prop, it will go forwards instead of backwards.

Cool, sounds pointless, I like pointless :smiley:

Sounds cool. Have an informative rating.

no, that’s phys_timescale
and host_timescale, if you want to affect everything instead of just props

I think you got that backwards if it’s a negative number when you shoot a prop it moves backwards

Depends how you are thinking. When you shoot a prop, you can say you make it move back, as in, away from you. So when it goes the opposite way, you can say it moves forwards.

stop arguing. if you shoot a prop, it charges at you.

phys_pushscale -10

you will die! =D