[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Phys_Town

[tab]Version:[/tab] Final

[tab]Description:[/tab] big phys-map with 3 physical buildings and 2 big phystowers (freezed)

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod10 and an good computer (more than 2GB ram recommended!)


Hello community,

today I want to show you another of my projects.
It’s the map “Phys_Town”.

In this map you can find physical buildings, skyscrapers (freezed, non physical), catastrophes and a lot of space to fly around with your house and construct.
This map is very optimized. This guarantees a good fps-rate and Snapshot overflow won’t annoy you.

I recommend to play this map with more than 2 GB ram! If you got 2 GB or less, you may get disconnected with Snapshot overflow!

There exists an extra spawn area, disconnected from the map with a areaportal and fog (just for the players in the spawn room). The fog will disappear slow enough to load the content of the map (prevents Snapshot overflow).

Every wall module got 9 skins, the floors 25!

I recommend you to use the following tools on this map:
[li]Weight Tool
[/li][li]Ballon Tool
[/li][li]Hoverball Tool

You can start the following catastrophes:
[li]Tornado (everything near the tornado will get sucked and pushed to the sky) - you can’t control the random paths of the tornado through the world!
[/li][li]Eathquake (will throw everything in the air)
[/li][li]Levitate-field (2 buildings will get destroyed in the air)
[/li][li]“UFO” (a orange ball with a lot of sparks will “clean” the city. Be careful! It will clear everywhere!)
[/li][li]“death-wind” (wind will force your building to move around and break)
[/li][li]falling rocks (some rocks falling in your buildings)
[/li][li]hail of bombs (all into the bunkers!)
[/li][li]Witch (shes laughing and flies with her broom through the buildings with unforeseen consequences!)
[/li][li]Wind (will move your buildings slowly in the air)

The greatest feature is the new type of physical house. You can move them with ballons, hoverballs or just with cars! It allows you to play the film “Up” with your own ideas.

Now some pictures and videos:


Looks great! I hope that no update will destroy this phys map!

looks very great, downloading…

however, you might want to change your skybox or add 3d skybox to fit the fog

Please download the “Phys_town treefix” file (download in the first post) to fix the missing leaf texture!

Once you start one of the events is there anyway you can stop them? Love this map so far.

You can’t stop a catastrophe :wink:

this map was awsome only thing is i had to slow the time scale in console to watch them fall but great map rainbow for you.

anyone wanting the codes for console it’s this

bind , “phys_timescale 1” ---- turns it back to normal again
bind . “phys_timescale 0” ---- stops phys
bind / “phys_timescale 0.3” --slows phys

also if you have a crap pc use the slow mo to stop the lag.

Great one, it’s so much fun to destroy :smiley:

You got BOMB’t.

This is one of the best maps this year, I think. Right up there with Mobenix v3 and Evocity 2.

“more than 2GB ram recommended”
I have 3.5 :fuckyou:

The tornado gets annoying when you accidentally activate it and you can’t stop it.

I think that the delete button on the recycle bin should also cancel disasters.

Hm. So I spawned an 11 floor tower and wired a nuclear barrel into the ground floor… “Disconnected: Client 0 overflowed reliable channel.” Heee… in singleplayer, too. I like how easy it is to crash the game with this map. All that aside, it is a very well done map, and I hope you make more!

why kunole why…
in one of your vidoes you were dragging my house away with a hoverbike


omg this rocks

i still want my cookies

(User was banned for this post ("either trolling or pui" - Lithifold))

The fuck.

i really wish my computer wasnt busted right now

Sweet map! Btw whats the name of the music?

What music? Do you mean the music in the map? Thats a levelmusic from sonic I modified. It’s called Skystage.

This is incredible, I’m looking forward to this map with much anticipation :smiley:

Oh FUCK yes. I have been waiting for a new phys map forever! Thank you so much!

Is there anyway to unfreeze the large buildings?