Finally, it’s done!

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Phys_town_v2 is released by now, this time with much better physical buildings and also better graphics.
Now we have some more things to discover:

I recommend to play this map in GMod 13 to prevent Snapshot Buffer Overflows

Physical buildings:
9 small physical buildings
2 large physical buildings
1 park with pillar-statue
4 large freezed buildings
1 small freezed building
1 physical bridge
1 physical café
1 Brush building - Yes, the “Living House Nr. 5”, some of you may know it as model, this time with furniture.

Of course I also added some catastrophies and a litte secret :3
because we cant give access to the nuclear bomb from the beginning.

1 Turbo Mossman - ist zwar ein Villager aus Dark Messiah aber die tut ihren Spruch auch.
2 Energy fields - Multiplicates physical actions
3 Earthquake - guess what
4 Melonmaster - Homage to Dr. Robotnik from Sonic 2
5 Resonance cascade
6 Pingas! spheres
7 Nuclear bomb - (need nukepack)
8 P. G. monster :3

Map - Kunole
Particle effects - Skotty

Due problems with and Toybox (“File or Directory not Found” after upload or disconnection while uploading) I had to upload the map on a private FTP.


recommend for play
“Halflife 2 Episode 2”

Download here


Looks good :slight_smile: downloads

I just know that if I throw a grenade, the game will crash.

Hey there can start a Nuke, the game doesn’t crash (and i play this map with a very old laptop )

This is amazing. First one was great, but this one looks like it surpasses it about 10 times over. Great job.

Looks like you need to tone down the bloom/hdr, it looks ridiculous.

Ok. You got me. I’m stumped.

I have no idea on how to get the nuke disaster to work properly. (Not farting)

Surely a hint couldn’t hurt.

I’m playing on Gmod 13 and I can’t seem to find a way to destroy the beams of the bridge without physing them, nuking them, or pressing one of the disaster buttons. Dynamite seems not to work. Any tips? By the way, I’m having a lot of fun on this map.

Would you mind uploading this to a different site? The DL link doesn’t seem to work for me

Oh, seems so nice

Just played through this - And while it’s two steps forward graphically and functionality-wise, it’s three steps back from the first in terms of gameplay.


First thing I noticed was major slowdown. The first one didn’t have that problem unless all of the buildings were in place and at their max height.

Second was the annoying wind soundscape. It had no variation and covered the entire map so I turned off my audio.

Third is the foliage. It’s good and makes maps look good in moderation, but there is WAY too much. It’s likely what causes all the slowdown because Source doesn’t handle a lot of foliage well. I mean a few trees here and there is nice, but I can’t walk across a street in the town without being bombarded by green.

Now what I did like was the revamped disaster selection system - everything seems smoother and not as clunky as the first phys_town. However the nuke functionality didn’t work for me.

I also liked that the amount of gibs produced by each physics house/object has been increased.

For the nuke you need to find the key on the map and put it into the key hole in a tree near the statue.

But where’s the key?

Ok folks, the download link has changed. The old link went down some days ago.
Look near the cafe to find the key.

If someone cries because the map lags, you should play it in Half-Life 2 Episode 2. There it will work perfectly.
A previous update of Garry’s Mod made this map unplayable.