Physbox help!!

So I found a tutorial on how to fix the crotch gun for CSS skins w_ models. It works fine in hands but its slightly fucked up.
Problem #1. The w_ models goes invisible when I’m away from the camera (see pics).
Pic1, near the camera

Pic2, away from the camera

Problem #2. Same as problem #1 but now, with the w_ model spawned on the ground.
Problem #3. The physbox is very fucked up (se pic).

The first problem with the disappearing gun may be from you not removing the LOD lines in the .qc.

To fix the physbox use the same method you used to fix the reference on the physbox or use the physbox from the HL2 shotgun.

I’d fix the physbox by using the reference as the physics model. Valve makes one for you.