physbox lighting problem

So i am making an awesome map with train tracks and prefabs of locomotives and train cars.
The prefabs are a func_physbox, and spawnable. But how do i get rid of the lightmaps VRAD does on the physboxes? It makes one side dark, and the other light.

The keyvalue “Disable Receiving Shadows” doesn’t work ofcourse, that is for dynamic shadows only.

The only solution that i can think of is to let the train spawn in a room full of lights.

Or make the map fullbright… but that’s not done.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

set the minimum light level.
Also, noone likes prefab sliders. use a custom model like in botmap_v3

Hmm to what value do i set it?

i think its the light brightness
so 200-400

Yeah got it, thanks :slight_smile:

I had to set the value to 1 lol