Physco on the loose.

Went into a few servers guns blazing. Sorry about the music.

The shooting starts about 1:18

You’re playing on a laggy M4 kit server and most of your kills are spray and pray/panic shooting. Nothing to see here move along.

I also play on bare bones servers. but its nice to go ham every ounce in a while. Look at your post “I enjoy going to KIT SERVERS to kill squeakers.”

At least he can spell his own name.

It’s a gamer tag. Why would you waste time pointing out something so petty?

It’s easy to kill people when you have unlimited ammo and just hold the trigger down. Don’t watch, it’s a waste of your time.

Holy shit what is with you people. Your expectations are so god damned high. Let me ask, what exactly is it that you want? That’s the point to the KIT servers, to PVP without consequence. I still play non-modded/Kit. The mods and variety is what and will keep a lot of players around.

War kit servers to me are just a stress reliever from regular play. That and you can work a bit more on aiming.

Thats the response you get when you post a gamers equivelant to a bimbos status update on facebook.
Thank God I rid myself of that shit long ago…

My aim defiantly needs a bit of work with the m4, I come from strong background of FPS gaming. The War servers allow me to get into it a bit more of what I like. I was always a runner and gunner in the early cod series and so on but I have taken a liking to the bolt action in this game though. I would like to see more realistic handling on the M4 if they are going to even keep it. That particular firearm does not recoil like that.

and we have video proof that hip firing is over powered as he couldnt hit jack shit aiming but got his kills while hip firing

I play CS portable for that :slight_smile:

I think there’s enough “Lets plays” for everyone to enjoy. This is the aspect of the game I enjoy, as do many others. What is that you like to see in vids? What gives a video merit in your opinion?

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The recoil on the gun is absurdly blown out of proportion. Hip firing with it seems to lessen that for some odd reason.

Thank you for asking, I enjoy videos that contribute in some form to ‘the greater good’.
Things regarding development, the state of wich the game is right now, what needs to be done, what might be done in the future, mostly by developers themselves but occasionally by the players aswell.

What I dont enjoy is the ‘hey look at my übermegakillztreakwith360knifenoscope’.
Like a insecure boy on the playground that needs to yell louder than all the other boys to show his ‘worth’.


How about you?

As you can tell I am not to good at editing so that limits me a bit. I do enjoys some of the descriptive lets plays, but they do get a bit repetitive. I don’t think really have the personality for the on the MIC the entire time type of thing. I do really enjoy PVP/WAR servers. To be honest I think this is the only type of video that could come from these types of server do to the amount of players.

How the fuck is a gameplay video supposed to contribute to your supposed “greater good”. Did you really watch that video expecting for something in the real world to change because of it? It’s a fun video just to watch, don’t be such a cynical ass.

Don’t bother with these people. They all think Rust is CSGO.

I have no problem with the video and all…

But that name…

Was it misspelled on purpose? I need answers…

It was misspelled on purpose. Ive had it like this since COD 4 and just left it. The reasoning behind it was Before Rcon for cod4 an admin would have to type your name out to ban or kick you, so I made it all wonky to make this harder. Cod4 was the last game I was really good at so I got kicked a lot, even after turning in demos and doing over the shoulder recording to show my screen. This allowed me more play time.