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My take on the idea Crazy Knife gave me and inspired me to execute (thank you CK). We both shared ideas and this is the result. This is my first scenebuild I went through with, and it’s my first time ever utilizing proper foliage effects. This was posed in Garry’s Mod and edited in Photoshop. It’s a tribute to Gmod.

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Jesus christ…the amount of detail

Good gracious god this is amazing

i’ve never seen such art of gmod

holy fucking shit

wait, did you actually took screenshot without lighting and then added it in Photoshop??

You are literally the God of Scenebuilding.

I’m literally speechless right now, this is fucking magnificent.

Christ allmighty. This is great.

This is amazing.

I really encourage people to look at the 4k version so that all of the facial details can be seen and the props used to make that.

Something I edited half-way through the build:

The hand addition though instead of the guy standing on a rock is magnificent, it’s like you can complete the shoulder and the forearm that’s outside of the screen in your head.

Pic is astounding.

most impressive!

damn that’s good

thank you, hugely thanks to your pack good sir

Not quite, I did extract lighting from Gmod. The best picture to portray how the original looked however was on mat_fullbright 1

VERY impressive

My scenebuild boner just appeared after a long time!

Good. Fucking. Job.

Holy moley. I never seen such a scenebuild with such details. I can’t even describe how much of a great job you did in this picture. But seriously, awesome. freaking. job. Have a medal, you have definitely earned it.

One of the best builds ever posted here.

That is one hell of a portfolio piece, or it should be if it isn’t already.

i will be your sex slave for the rest of my life

Big ass head and lighting are what make this scenebuild look great, I’m more interested in the lighting, is there a secret recipe for that ?

ps\ the idea of physgod is good actually, well done