Physgun and Gmod broke

Here we are. Another broken update. Idk whether it’s something wrong with me or what. My physgun now shoots an orange beam which won’t pick up anything but players on my server (and sandbox):

Now look at sandbox -.-

Can anyone help me out?

what videocard do you use?

AMD radeon 6450/7450, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with that, as the physgun can’t grab anything.

Show me a picture of your graphics options (options–>video–>advanced)

Hm, doesn’t seem to be an issue with your dxlevel. I did notice something though “Counter-Strike Source installed incorrectly.” Do you own CS:S? Also, in console, +menu and -menu were invalid commands, you really need to verify your game files.

His/the server’s DarkRP hasn’t been updated.

Yeah, i need to update it;
But when you have a hosted server, and can’t access cmd to update CSS, it becomes a problem

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Just verified them. I’ll go on gmod now to check

You need to update DarkRP too btw, not just CS:S


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Checked gmod> verifying hasn’t done anything

It’s also strange how your skybox is missing too. I would say do a fresh reinstall if all else fails.

I got this issue as well :

What addons do you have installed? Legacy and workshop. It’s most likely an issue with an addon, probably legacy.

Also, are you on development branch or no?

I have this issue as well, it only applies to this version (as well as when this version was in the development branch), and I have narrowed it down to a workshop addon.

From his pic, he’s using the HD HL2 Weapons Model Pack, which I’m using as well and having no issues.

On my client, the culprit seems to be Falco’s Small Scripts. It has materials in its addon structure that appears to replace the game’s. Something in the update must have changed how this content is mounted so now it always overwrites the game’s.

I have falcos small scripts too!
It must be…

Uninstalled it, nothing. here are a list of my addons:

Chacarron Macarron
DarkRP Upgradeable Printer - V1.7.02
Mad Cows Weapons
DarkRP Storing Money Printer
Jihad Bomb
RP Downtown v4c
CSS Weapons on M9K Base
Hit Numbers
Drugs Mod
Zombie Survival
SCars Extra
Soda Mod
PlayX 2.7.5
Spiderman’s Swep!
Ravebreak Radio
[F:NV] Riot Gear
Firearms Source Weapons For Gmod 13
Metropolice Pack
Realistic Blood
Anonymous Hacktivist player model
1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS
2011 McLaren MP4-12C
My Little Other Ponies V3.1
Mane 6 Ponies
Pony Playermodel and NPC
M9K Assault Rifles
British Police TDM skins [V1]
Police player model


In all seriousness, go to the addons menu on the GMod main menu and try disabling all of your addons.

Disabling this fixed my physgun.

reinstalling gmod helped.