Physgun color won't change? Help please!

Hello Facepunch. I have a problem with my Physgun. The Color of the Physgun, won’t change; but the beam color is able to change?

This has been happening for awhile and it’s quite annoying. Other people can look at how my Physgun looks, but I can’t. It’s just the default Physgun color. I’ve changed it a couple of times in the past, but now it won’t change.

As you can see, the Physgun color is default, but the beam is white. I’m not shooting the beam, but you can tell because of the area that’s white. It’s not a custom Physgun, I change my Physgun through the C menu.

I tried:

  • Re-installing Gmod
  • Verifying Game Cache
  • Changing the Quality of the Game
  • Deleting all the Addons completely.
  • Suiciding over and over again.

Please help me!