Physgun configuration

Hello, I’d like to ask, if there is any configuration for the physgun snap degrees, like on the easy-precision stool, as sometimes the 45* snap is too much, I have tried gm_snapdegrees, but that dint seem to work, is there any other command for setting the physgun snap angle? It would be very useful for building more complex stuff. Thank you.

Also, anyone know what’s the use of gm_snapdegrees?, but more importantly, how to set the snapdegrees.


Edit: solved, the command is server side(gm snapdegrees)

aanyway, any1 know where is the physgun lua stored?



The physgun is not lua.

Thank you, still, any idea why is gm_snapdegrees server side?

I have no idea. Maybe it has some sort of glitch that screws with servers, so garry left it with administrators. Wild guess. Some things are just that way. I don’t know if you can, with lua, edit it however.