Physgun doesn't pick up anything

Yeah. Physgun doesn’t work. I have a hunch it’s from crap I’ve downloaded from online servers. How do I clear EVERYTHING I’ve downloaded from servers?

If not, I’ll try moving my addons folder out and see what happens

I would guess reinstalling would make the most sense, unless you wanted to pick through and delete everything that you downloaded manually.

Is manually the only way to do it? I have a ton of stuff that I don’t really want to redownload >.<

Is there anyway to just delete the serverside stuff?

Nothing you’ve downloaded from servers should remain in your addons folder, I believe. Saving a backup of that should allow you to keep all the stuff you don’t want to redownload without worrying about keeping the files that are causing your problem.

That is, if you’re right about the problem being in a file you downloaded from a server. Do you have any admin mods installed?

Not in my addon folder, no

Okay, it seems my physgun just cannot pick up ragdolls

Any other prop is fine though… this is weird O.o

I also removed everything from my addons folder and nothing in there is the problem