Physgun especially for ragdolls

When you make machinimas, stop-motions or ragdoll poses and you want to make a ragdoll move, what do you have to do? You have to unfreeze it completely, move it a bit forward and freeze every bone again. A lot of work for that bit if you ask me.

So what about a physgun that moves the whole ragdoll? It would work similar like the statue tool:

  • check whether a bone is freezed or not
  • weld every bone to the other bones
  • use the physgun to move it
  • when releasing the left mouse button, all bones will unweld and the bones that were frozen will be frozen again

That’d make it much easier. But what if you don’t want to move the whole ragdoll but instead only the upper half (lean a ragdoll forward or backward or rotate it’s torso)? Again you would need to unfreeze, reposition and freeze those bones.

With this special physgun, you would have a masking-option. A rightclick selects/deselects a bone and only those will be moved when using the left mouse button. Afterwards you press reload to deselect all bones.

I have no clue of LUA but when I see what has been done, this can’t be that hard to get done. I hope someone will take this challenge.

Use the statue tool on the ragdoll.