Physgun immunity?

Yeah, a bizarre title I know, but allow me to make this question a tad more detailed.

Is it possible to make an object completely and utterly immune to the physgun after it’s been spawned? My own problem arises from trying to pose something within a larger object. One stray beam and everything shifts and is a massive pain to reposition. An example would be me trying to pose ragdolls within a large spacecraft model, would it be possible to have my physgun “ignore” the spacecraft so that I can pose without fear of having the whole thing flip out if I make a mistake?

I didn’t think this would fit into the help and support forum as nothing’s particularly broken, I was just wondering if this is indeed possible within Gmod’s limitations in the first place, and whether or not it’s achievable through lua scripting or just some tool in the Q menu that I’ve pinheadedly overlooked.

This would be handy, almost like a selective prop-protect against yourself.

Well you could always weld it to the world, but that is rather permanent.

Well, if it is frozen, you may be able to use an E2 to propNotSolid it, thus it would not be able to phys gun at all, until you’ve turned the E2 off (button?). By non-physgunnable, I mean the beam would go straight through.

Weld latches should work out nicely, you can turn them on and off.

There is a tool you can download to make things “unphysgunable”

It’s basically exactly what you’re asking for.