Physgun not freezing at MOUSE2 bind


I got Windows 8.1 64bit and newest garrysmod only with 2 addons. JUST the MOUSE2 bind for Alternative Fire at Physgun dont freezing prop. I tryied it Alternative Fire works in another, and works good. IDK where is problem, but yesterday its works normal… I changed the alternative Fire to MOUSE3 (roller click) and that works… Its really anynoying , and i cant so much reinstall garrys mod, becouse its is big and downloading again take so much time (and i probably rages when its not helped xD ). So, how it solve? :confused:

For punchers: I googled alot, i tried so much, but not helped.

Laptop? Touchpad?

Computer. Mouse WIRED usb.

Is your mouse2 actually bound to +attack2?

Type “bind mouse2 +attack2” into console and try again.

Not works. Is really interresting when it works, but now no… Only on others, but MOUSE2 no… -.- But in gravity gun works all great… mmm.

EDIT: WTF?!? now when i something freeze (with MOUSE3), the MOUSE1 not works… I must reload physgun. WTF?!?
EDIT2: Bug upper fixed by restarting of Garrys Mod