Physgun problem.

I have been having a problem with the physgun lately. For some reason even after I let go of the left mouse button (unless I hold down the right mouse button then let go) it will unfreeze it. At first I thought it was me, so I reinstalled Gmod, to no success. Then me and my friend were playing and we started to ragdoll pose and he got the same problem. I used to be a really good poser along with him but its really hard now.

I’ve had problems too. You need to change the way you freeze stuff. Hold left, hold right, let go of left. Annoying as fuck.

Of course doing that would unfreeze it. If you click a prop with the LMB, it unfreezes.

It’s changed. It will ALWAYS just grab it again after you right click.

There’s a lag when I let it go. And it automatically unfreezes, never did that before.

It was changed in the last engine update, I thought it was too small to notice to be honest. If you get mad about that one thing, wakky, that’s quite strange.

The big problem is that now it’s so much harder to freeze stuff. It makes me mad because I can’t do it any more.

This problem is really annoying, I’ve had to relearn speed prop making :frown:

Yeah I recently fired up sp sandbox for the first time in six millenia and couldn’t build for shit.

Just lucky I didn’t adopt such methods of freezing. I personally have no problem with freezing props.