Physgun wont freeze with right click

As the title says, I was installing the GangwarsRP Content pack and when i finished installing it i went onto it, I could freeze props but when i left and joined a darkrp server i couldnt freeze props even if i pressed right click
I rebinded my +attack 2 to my mouse 3 (mousewheel) and it works perfectly for some reason, i can also grav gun props perfectly
Please help me i cant build or freeze anything with right click i hate the mouse 3

EDIT: I haven’t tried going on another server but im going to do it after i verify my cache
EDIT 2: I am doing a clean install now, Joining another server did not fix it at all!
EDIT 3: I have gotten my brothers file hoping this will fix it
EDIT 4: I downloaded it, It did nothing i still have to use my mousewheel to freeze stuff

Could just be the mouse, some mice don’t like double clicking

It stopped randomly working, I use to always be able to freeze with right click
I also used another mouse i had lying around and it didnt work at all

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Please help me i cant build properly!