I have a problem with my DarkRP server, basically the problem is that I see all the weapons/physguns/gravity guns in the middle of the map, also I my shadow on the ground is messed up as we’ll.Another problem, I see bullet flashes on my screen if somebody shooting.

Thanks for helping.

Steam:[TS] Blaze

Are you the only one with that problem on that server?

I added screenshot here.

You already have the same pictures in this thread and opening the same thread twice will not solve it any faster.
Do you have this issue only on this server or in general?
When did this start to appear?
On what platform are you playing gmod?

Sorry about that, didn’t mean to.
No, I don’t have any issues beside of this one.
After the owner made an update.
Platform…Windows 7…

Everybody can see this.

Check your client console on joining and your server console for critical errors or any of this sort.

No, checked…Nothing/

Hmmm, verify your gmod server install with steamcmd.

I don’t have access to this.Since I’m Head Admin.

Ehh, it is your server but you do not have access to it?

I mean my SL have it.
As I mentioned, I’m not the Owner.

Okay, okay, what platform does your server run on and what type of access do you have to that server?
(Command line, SSH, ftp, interface, local machine)?

I’ll speak to my Server Leader and get the information and be back to you later.

Hello, I’m the Server Leader of the server in question. Blaze, my Head Admin, made this thread to find some answers about our on-going issue.

We use ftp for the server and I have full access. I have looked through most of our code and I’ve been unable to locate the source of the bug so far.
This issue started after DarkRP itself was updated alongside ULX. Additionally a Profiler was installed which caused a massive amount of errors that has later been fixed.

If you have any further questions please go ahead, it is in our highest interest to get this issue solved as fast as possible.

Did you verify the installation of the gmod server with steamcmd yet?

I did not install the server myself as I am not the owner. I will check with the owner and get back to you with an answer tomorrow. I would imagine that it has been verified as he knows his way with servers.

I recommend if everything fails, which seems to be the case, setup a second gmod server,
migrate slowly to look if everything is fine,
you know gamemode, then adminmod then anticheat then rest of the addons.
Because if the verify doesn’t mount any success, this would be the most time effective if you can’t track it down manually.

Ok, thank you for the tips. I’ll go ahead and do that.