Physical door key problem

So last week Garry decided to implement doors with keylock , yes the idea sounds promising and fun , but after a whie I figured out that there are some problems coming with this idea:

1 You can’t hide your key under a boulder, inside the water, under any object for now.

2 The disadvantage of playing alone.Clans could always leave someone inside the house who could have all the keys to the doors.

3 Any door that has a key can be easily picked, maybe add numeric pad locks instead?

We can also suggest some things, like for example:

I The ability lock or nail the door from inside , this works as a safety solution if your key has ben alienated.

II Maybe have hidden doors ? or the ability to make or camouflage certain items or stashes.

Do you you agree or disagree with any of my points? If so plese specify.

Pretty sure these are all problems Garry intents on leaving in the game. The risk of losing your key is an intended problem for people. There will always be a downside to playing this game alone, not just related to keys, but pretty much every other aspect. I doubt this will change.

I like the idea of hidden stashes, I actually had that idea back when campfires placed thru foundations onto the ground, cuz you could only use them by looking at the floor where they were placed, and were totally invisible.

tbh i cant be fucked messing around with keys all day I’d just not play or not build a base

A very simple meta will surface with these keys which allows easy home protection with some inconvenience; such as keeping a key inside the house at all times, then making a new key whenever you want to leave (or get back into the house) and deleting said key as soon as you get outside and lock your house.

You can’t make a key from a locked door. Lose your last key and that’s it, no way to get home.

i keep saying this and people seem to skim past it. if you get locked out, break down the door. yeah it will take longer, but there is no “permanent” lock out related to these keys.

True knifey, but I am assuming they will implement metal doors or something similar to legacy to stop easy smashing down of doors.

So you build a house, lets say with 3 ‘metal doors’, craft 2 sets of keys- 1 set you leave in the loot room, one you need to keep on you to get back in.

You then die. If the enemy doesn’t know your base, great- respawn, collect your keys, unlock the doors and craft a new 2nd set (a pain in the ass if say you have 10 doors).

However, if the enemy knows your base and is nearby, you have no way of preventing the raid and the enemy needs no C4. If he attacks immediately then it is like a legacy raid except they can rapidly make it to your loot room with zero C4 etc. If they don’t attack immediately then all you can do is try and quickly add an extra door on the outside.

Seems a realistic system but for good gameplay??

As a seperate issue, keys will need to be identified with each door somehow, or else it will be hard to craft lots and know that you have a full set with no double ups.

Told just the same thing here, and even more -

In my opinion this new feathure as of now makes the experimental branch less playable than before, and the solution to this might not come as fast as we might expect.

Who said C4 was not going to be in?

I am all for trying new things, but so far all of the logical ways to keep your base safe with keys seem horribly obnoxious. It’s a cool idea, but not sure if it works from a game play perspective. Happy to give it a go and see. In the end I don’t think anyone minds the current pass code system, it’s pretty good.

I think that the idea of having keys is going to be as useless as the locked backpacks,something that most servers disabled and if the door key can’t be disabled then the modders might create door share again.

Actually there is someone quite significant who as far as I’ve heard doesn’t like the passcode system. That would be Garry.

You should be able to change locks of opend door. So if you playing solo, when you go out you can take one key with you and keep one key in the house. if you will die you will respawn in your house so you can take the key you left behind, open the door, change the lock and create new keys from it.

from the devblog: “we’re not getting rid of password locks, number locks, fingerprint scanners. Those will come later. It’s an evolutionary thing. Eventually you’ll be able to upgrade to these systems, at a cost.”

The idea that the lowest tier of the lock system lacks the security of higher tiers is not a bad thing.