Physical impact/effectiveness to the player model in rust idea!

One of the great things about rust is it’s almost all about realisim.Take rust to another level into survival experiences! I have a great idea that will interact the player itself by its body. Such as effectiveness to its body… Now in rust there is a time you get cold,hungry,health…ect I think we need to take a step further. Well in reality humans get sick, have a cold, fever, coughs… So as you can see our body’s has physical effects… How about add this to rust. For example it’s very cold. You don’t got anything to get yourself warm. After a day you got a cold. You are very sick. You can be weaker, start coughing, sneaze,really cold…ect Now humans need to cure themselfs right? So in rust you need to be at your home stay warm when your sick , drink something hot… You might have a sore throat. Maybe adding hot tea to the game. Something warm to drink like hot tea might help your throat. I was thinking not curing himself in a day, but couple of nights. Also dehydration. When you don’t drink water for a long time you will get very thirsty and get really dehydrated. Possible effects when your dehydrated maybe being weaker idk… Something that makes you negative when your dehydrated. Like you will die if you don’t drink water after 1 night… Or 2. So you get what I mean right? In this is alpha but this will help you guys for future updates.

Hope you guys agree with me!

“Realism” can be a slippery slope…

I don’t want this to turn into the Sims in 6 months.

Well I’m not saying it should be very realistic but it will be cool if they implemented this to the game, but making it work. Like being much playable.

I think it’s a good idea, although it’s posted in the wrong spot and has been said many many times before.

But if you go too far and there are 100 symptoms with 100 ways to cure them it will just get too overwhelming. I think “sick” should be a status, and perhaps “comfort” from a fire can help speed recovery, but I don’t think it needs to get any more complicated than that.

Might be a good idea, very thoughtfull. At some point I think, there will be sickness, cold, thirst in the game. Which you can most likely fight with some Med Pills, Clothes/Fire, Water. But thats about it what we need. Poison would be nice, to poison others :v:
Good idea, but just too much reality for Rust. Players would get very pissed.

I agree with you. I don’t want rust to be too realistic or add too much effects to the player himself. Like making it much more balanced effects would be good and not too complicated.

I don’t know what about u guys but I agree 100% to it. It would be fun. I would love that kind of game.

I talk about this a little in my thread, though what I talk about is a little different from what you say.

Here’s a link!