Physics and lighting

Sup facepunchers, I hate to make yet another cluelessism thread but I’ve looked all around as usual, and I dont see other people having these problems, and if they do i havent seen them being fixed.

First and most important things first.

I make my models all fine and dandy (apart from the alpha problems explained in my “Naughty” alphas thread which hasn’t solved itself yet) and when used from spawn menu they work a charm. BUT I’ve been told that GM_spawn does shit to models to fix their shitty physics, and sure enough whenever my models are spawned as entities in the server I work for physics tends to do it’s own thing.

my examples include things that will only stand a certain way up (otherwise they half sink themselves in the ground) things not reacting to being shot or thrown very well, or at all. and getting stuck in objects in ways that were impossible when using Gm_spawn.

so my first question is how in notgod’s name do I get physics as fixed as it is while using gm_spawn? any tips for getting really lifelike feeling on physics?

My second problem is pretty straight forward, I simply want a portion of my model to glow/emit light (without the aid of hammer, obviously) so far I’ve only found selfilum which uh… is pretty useless.

tl;dr give me tips on physics and lighting for models please :smiley:

I love you guys, keep doing that amazin’ shit.

I have no idea what the first part your on about is, do you mean when you use the spawn menu stuff spawns underground?

For the lighting selfillum is your best bet as otherwise you will have to use lua (if its an entity) or particle effects (if its a model only).

first part: I am talking about the differences between using Gm_spawn and spawning something as an entity. (all cases assume the object was spawned correctly)

second: thanks

I’d ask in the Lua forum as well, as they might know more about that there.

backtracking slightly, any solid tips for good physics? I have a model that is topheavy but I want the substance of the bottom half to be more like solid metal, and the top to be a lighter metal, I have no idea how to set weight in such a way.

You can specify the weight of the collision part separately in the QC.

I haven’t come across this, and i’ve just spent 10 minutes rooting through the QC commands, enlighten me as to the syntax? :slight_smile:

Eh sorry. You can’t specify the mass itself, but the center of mass
Just put it near the bottom for instance.

ah, thank you very much :slight_smile: this will undoubtedly be very very useful!