"Physics based" NPC?

By physics based NPC, I mean an NPC that you can weld, rope, axis, etc. stuff to, like the manhack, city scanner, or turret you kill by knocking it over to name a few.

I want one that:
Follows you around but does not hurt you, have lights when invisible, or make a sound,
roams around randomly and when it hits a wall, turns to a random direction,
and a turret that you can kill by exploding it yet can still be welded to stuff.

Any other ideas could be made from these and would be a great idea.

Thanks if you can.

Like a scanner?


That has lights, makes a lot of sounds, and does not move on it’s own.

Can’t you build one?

He wants a NPC Not a vending machine with pop

I just want to pop on a few lights with trails without having to make a wiremod contraption or having to toggle godmode just so I will not die if I stop moving to watch the light show when the only lights I want to see are the light bulbs with trails and not the robot’s eyes.