Physics/Engine errors Also SBEP errors

I have an issue regarding modifying props or be it entities when trying to use the physgun The props will move incredibly slow, not move using ‘shift’ +‘e’ to position or lock in place randomly. its even worse with entities as they will float in the air when spawned, lock in place (physgun will not do anything) or just not do what i want it to do (turn 90 degrees up or whatever) Concerning Space Build Enhancement Project (latest up-to-date SVN) using the Lift creation tool it will initially render the section, then the model will disappear (not sure if this is due to the tool being unfinished or if its just something on my side that is causing the issue) The elevator will show up as well as any level seals or doors it places but the sections will disappear once they are spawned, and again when a new floor tile is spawned as well. I have verified my file cache, reinstalled gmod and all addons, cleaned gmod, turned off all unnecessary background tasks, etc… I might just be looking at the cause and just not recognize it, and would like your input on solving this issue. I am still needing help with the engine and physics errors

Specs. Now.

Oops, forgot that. Windows XP SP3 Intel Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz 2 GB ram Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS fully up-to-date graphics, and intel chipset drivers

Your SBEP problems are known problems with that mod, and happen to everyone. Just try and hit the reset tool button a few times. And never ever use the lift designer in multiplayer.

Thanks for the answer regarding the SBEP errors, just to clarify, does SBEP also cause the problems with props and the physgun?

No, it does not. I fear that’s an unrelated problem.