Physics gun and Gravity gun in real life.

Do you really think that you could have a gravity gun or phyisics gun in real life? How about a tool gun? I could see a weld gun manipulating atoms to weld to props touching each other. And please do not say i am stupid for asking, I just thought about it in the car.

You asked so nicely to not say you are stupid. I will refrain.
There are a few possibilities. Maybe with vacuums or fusion or something.

Mabey something similar to the gravity gun in the DISTANT future, however a I do not think a physgun will ever be possible.

weld gun is possible, I think its called a soldering iron, however I could be wrong…

There’s the nail gun!

If someone invents a physics gun in real life, it just shows how lazy the world is getting…

You just sit there on the sofa and get the remote without even having to get up… Ahhh, luxury.

See what I mean?

Physics gun is damn heavy. :rolleye:

At least compared to the remote.

But you wouldn’t have to get up to get the remote then.

Moving? No problem for Black Mesa Moving Company.

For a weld gun, there’s a process called Cold Welding. It’s when you put 2 metallic objects in a non-atmospheric area e.g. space or an airlock or something, then remove the oxygen layer, then by magic when you touch the 2 items together they lock and won’t come apart.

Want a Physics Gun?

Buy a Grappling Hook, I guess.

A Gravity Gun would probably be possible, I doubt a Physics Gun would be though and definitely not a Tool Gun. - it doesn’t do stuff, at least I wouldn’t think it does. Looks pretty good though.


If you want a little more info about it, heres the post I made on,!

Also, I am thinking about making one that has Windows Mobile on it. I might purchase a cheap WinCE or WM pda to take apart.

The object would have to be frozen relative to the earths motion. Or else epic disaster…

The Gravity Gun is most likely a small Black-Hole’ish type thing. That’s why whenever you pick up a Combine with the Upgraded one they are instantly killed.

And now what?You gonna ask for a Nexus?

the phys guns is a modified grav gun, so its possabiale