Physics problem with hexed Teen Angst Zoey?

Hiya, folks, I recently downloaded the two versions of this model (the one with the emo/goth hair and the default Zoey hair version), but there seems to be a problem with their physics. Once I spawn them, I can’t pick them up or even pose them, they just fall to the ground, arms by their sides as if they were statues. This is a problem seeing as I’m using the Teen Angst Zoey for a personal hexing project, and I don’t want my hex to have the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Where did you download them?

Does this happen with any other ragdolls? Go into your models folder and look for any files named “Error” such as error.mdl,error.phy,etc

Delete those error files

@Jason, I didn’t see those when I examined the files. Just the normal models and whatnot. This is rather odd.

And on an unrelated note, my camera tool has lately been spawning cameras that can’t be move with the physgun or removed via the undo button. I blame that advanced camera tool, even after uninstalling it it still acts this way.

For your camera problem, uninstalling things doesn’t always work.

For instance, this Advanced camera tool may have overdidden some of the files for the original camera, and now it won’t work seeing as other files for the tool have been deleted

I’m just taking a guess though never even heard of the tool

Check your Garrysmod models folder, should of specified that so my bad.

Thank you both, I’ll check my folder. Still stumped about the camera though.

And just for the record, these were the following downloads:

The Zoeys (one was hexed by Jason here):

The “Advanced Camera” seems to be missing from the site now, can’t seem to find it. Wcould verifying the cache help with this problem? Or uninstalling the content, backing the content up, then reinstalling it help?


Hello again, everypeoples. The Teen Angst Zoey problem seems to have corrected itself; I’ve had no problems spawning her since then.

However, my camera tool is still broken. I’ve not been able to find a solution; not even verifying the cache did any good. This is worrysome as Gmod 13 is being released September 24th and I’m afraid that by then, if I back my Gmod folder up and reinstall it on my new laptop arriving soon, that it’ll still be broken.

Is there any way I can find the original coding for the camera? It’s very strange how it doesn’t act like a physical object anymore…

If anything the update may fix it eventually, a lot of shit will break, in case you haven’t read the giant big blue button.

Nah, I read the blue button. I know a lot of shit’s gonna break, but hey, that’s life.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a new thread in the help section in case anyone can find a solution before the big update.