Physics prop Panasonic RN-305 tape recorder / PLAY ME tape?�ncios/Eletr�nicos/Panasonic_RN305.jpg

The sides you can’t see: The back is gray with a seam for a battery door, the other side is gray with the seam that goes around it from where the two pieces of case clamshell together. I assume it’s fairly simple, but I can’t model (or get stuff in-game) for shit without using Proppper. Unfortunately Propper won’t work in this case. Not to sound demanding, but I’d like it with the scuffs and grime in the second picture. I need it for a map I’m working on.

The tape is fairly easy, just a normal micro cassette with PLAY ME on a white sticker on both sides.

Thanks to whomever will do it (if anyone will)