Physics toolkit pack for Gmod?

I was hoping the answer was just a Google away, but I’ve Googled the hell outta this and got nowhere, like nobody’s even presented the suggestion.

I ran Gmod by my physics instructor at school and thought it was kinda interesting. Only problem was, the little “demonstration” on my laptop consisted of 2 bridge pillars with a telephone pole welded between them, trying to balance another pole. It was pathetic. I coulda sworn there’d be something I could use, a simple set of perfectly centered & accurate weights, sticks, stands, ramps, scales, stuff like that. Seriously, has nobody ever thought of that for Gmod?

If so… please point me in the general direction! If not… what the hell, why not? I’d fix that problem myself, but I’ve… yeah, I’ve got no experience with that crap. X(

You could use PHX mod, the weight tool, easy precision tool and smartsnap.

You do realize Havok, while impressive and good for simple physics calculations, is nothing compared to more advanced physics engines available? Not to mention source is running an old version.

Does havok at least have the right gravity acceleration (9.8 m/s)?
If it has that it would be fine for a physics demonstration.

Default value of g in Gmod is 600glu/s^2, or about 11.43m/s^2. It can be adjusted in SP or if you are an admin.

Well, now that I finally got out from under that b& (seriously, wtf?)…

Not exactly looking for accuracy of motions here. Our physics class isn’t going into serious mathematical details - plus, there’s no real way to measure these motions within GMod anyway. For that, yeah, it’d be better to use a real simulator. I just thought it was one of those “er, duh?” moments, to have a simple set of physics tools to play with in GMod :wink:

I’ve played with PHX before, didn’t think of looking for physics tools in there though. I’ll give that a try! :slight_smile:

Phx is the thing for it.

Phx, Weight tool, =D,and some good Welding skills

Or try Algodoo/Phun (2D Physics Simulator)

I use it alot and with user created content it can get quite interesting