PhysicsCollide without collision damage?

I’m creating a simple physical bullet for a small project. One of the things I want to do is have physical bullets for it, so I went and threw together a sent that uses PhysicsSimulate and ShadowControl.

Now, I use PhysicsCollide to tell when I hit something ( rather than guessing with a trace ), and this works. But my entity is traveling fast enough that it tends to kill things on impact.

Preferable without using EntityTakeDamage or any similar gamemode hook, is there a way for me to prevent this damage while still being able to collide with the entities in question ( players, brushes, npcs, etc )?

Everything else seems to be working fine with it, I just am somewhat stuck here since I can’t think of a good solution off the top of my head.

Figured this out on my own.

PhysicsObject:AddGameFlag( FVPHYSICS_NO_IMPACT_DMG )
PhysicsObject:AddGameFlag( FVPHYSICS_NO_NPC_IMPACT_DMG )