PhysicsFromMesh Help

So a while ago I released this on the workshop, but I’m not entirely satisfied.
My original inspiration to create these was from playing HL2RP, and I’ve never been able to learn how HL2RP forcefields (namely in NutScript) make custom-sized fields. I saw Chessnut uses PhysicsFromMesh but to be quite honest, I don’t understand at all how to use it.

I’ve been experimenting with traces and such, and I’ve come to the point where I can accomplish a sort of boundary-finder, where the player can aim anywhere on a wall and it finds the appropriate data, like shown in the picture below.

I wanted it to immediately fill the doorway with a forcefield to just make the whole thing user-friendly.

What would I put into PhysicsFromMesh? It says it constructs a triangle-like thing, but I really don’t know what to expect when using this.

You need a movable physics entity from the sound of your workshop page. That means PhysicsInitConvex or PhysicsInitBox.

You don’t need anything complex for this. Just use PhysicsInitBox, which is also the easiest for this purpose.

Use traces to determine the corners of the hole. You just need the bottom left and upper right; opposite corners.


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If setting the material doesn’t get you the appearance over the whole physics space, use a 1x1 PHX plate for the model and set its material.

Entity:EnableMatrix explains how to clientside change the dimensions of a model; set the physics with PhysicsInitBox.

All right, I’ll toy around with that. Thank you.