PhysicsInitBox broken for players

This is my code

if SERVER then

ENT.Type 			= "anim"
ENT.Base 			= "base_anim"
ENT.Spawnable			= true
ENT.AdminSpawnable		= true

function ENT:Initialize()
if SERVER then

self:PhysicsInitBox( Vector(-7618.985352,9069.065430,58.760292), Vector(-7762.742676,8969.079102,-29.960606) )
self:SetNoDraw( true )

but It’s not work for players , like this video

I think the problem is that Client does not know there have a Phys.

How can I fix it ?

Please Help me , thanks you!

First of all, it takes LOCAL COORDINATES, not world coordinates, so you made it 14000x1800x70 or something.

Secondly, you are not setting SolidType & MoveType.