Physmodel help

I tried to de-crotch-gun-ify a weapon model. Success! However, the new model’s uses the old one’s physmodel, it’s a little wonky, it’ll roll into the ground, etc.

Question: How do I make a new physmodel from the regular model?

What model are you referring to? The weapon model, or the character model? The last I remember hearing, the crotch-gun bug was usually an issue that involved the rigging of either the character model or the weapon model.

Load up your gun in your modelling program and then the phymodel ontop of it. You’ll find that it’s probably rotated 90 degrees to one axis. Line it up with your gun and then delete the gun mesh, then export it and it should be lined back up with your gun on compile.

Oh, thanks!

why-didn’t-i-think-of-that moment