Hey guys,
I recently tried to use the function GetMass() on a prop_physics, like this:

[lua]if ent:GetClass() == “prop_physics” then print(ent:GetPhysicsObject():GetMass()) end[/lua]
(That’s just an example so if it’s coded wrong, that’s not the problem)

When doing it serverside it’s fine, but if I do it clientside, I get this error:

Tried to use invalid object (type IPhysicsObject) (Object was NULL or not of the right type)

Am I doinitwrong or what? Again, it works fine serverside but not clientside.

Try Prop_physics_multiplayer

I need it to work on prop_physics obviously, not prop_physics_multiplayer.

Errr… I’m not sure how it can be shared. It also says that setmass is shared, which confuses me a bit. Just send the info from the server to the player.

I would assume it would only work for clientside entities.