Can somebody tell me what that means ? Couldnt find anything on google.

EDIT:Couldnt upload it properly

EDIT2: Reuploaded it for good karma.

Just downloaded it to look at the html, looks like an html page with a bunch of scripts and advertisements embedded into it.
Also some encoded images.

Didn’t try to open it in a browser cause, well… you know. Random rust person says “look at this” and its something ending with “jpg.htm”

If it’s an image you want us to see, try just linking to it instead of an html loaded with mystery scripts.

It’s just a regular screenshot on some bad image hosting site, wow

And it probably means that PhysX is running on the CPU because there’s no compatible GPU in the system.

OP, do you have an AMD graphics card? That’d explain it, PhysX can only work on Nvidia GPU’s

Never seen this before, but my assumption is that PhysX physics calculations are being directed to the CPU instead of where it would normally be done by the GPU (if you have nVidia graphics.) Do you have AMD or Intel graphics? This would be the reason it’s diverting the calculation traffic to the CPU, I would think.

I was trying it via that function in the Forum, dunno what im doing wrong.

Edit: Holy Sh…, the Forum is trolling me.

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I have a IntelCore I7 with that stupid onboard graphiccard

And in addition:


I forced my Rust to run with the Geforce instead of the Onboard.

Could somebody tell me a proper Filehoster ? For pictures.

Try going to your Nvidia control panel and manually selecting your dedicated GPU as the PhysX processor, like this

It’s on “Auto select” by default, maybe that’s causing problems, change it to your 760M

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Had that :

And this is the other part :

Just ask for translation issues.

The highlighted things are the ones currently choosen

Huh, it should be working fine then, dunno what’s up with that

I don’t even know if Rust makes use of PhysX though, so there’s also that

You can disable that message by clicking “3D Settings” or “3D-Einstellungen” on the toolbar and unticking whatever is in the menu

Seems like they implemented it in the Experimental.

Haven’t had that on Legacy.

Am i able to completly disable that shitty INTEL.HD 4600 ?

You should be able to disable it in the BIOS, though I have no idea if that’s possible in laptops, you’ll have to see for yourself

Thank you anyway for the fast help. I’ll try if i can turn it off. Wish me luck :D.

Gonna report after.

I dont even have proper access to my BIOS. Cant change anything in there. I need to unlock it as it seems. Wow, i was way easier back in my days :smiley:

had this issue with planetside 2 a week or so ago, it fixed itself after a while. but it isnt that big of a distraction on the screen

Its not about being annoying, i just want to make my huge investment in that Laptop feel good.

EDIT: you CAN’T turn off that OnBoard-Card. Its a hybrid system actualy. Nvidia is doing all the hard work while that Onboard-Card just shows the result.

You shouldn’t disable the Intel graphics on the laptop, or else it will be using your mobile NVIDIA GPU for rendering pretty much everything - including your desktop and all applications, which is putting unnecessary load on the mobile GPU that could be done by the Intel one. Besides, the Intel card is the one that outputs the final result to the screen on most laptops with a separate dedicated card. Don’t mess with the BIOS in that regard if the option is available to you.

You appear to have already configured Rust experimental to run using your NVIDIA GPU, so it probably is using your NVIDIA card.

Edit: It appears that the game is forcing PhsyX to run on the CPU, as I managed to replicate this with my NVIDIA GTX 770 with PhsyX set to my GPU in the PhysX settings on my NVIDIA Control Panel, so I wouldn’t worry about it.
I don’t think Rust experimental even utilises PhsyX anyway, and this simply may just be an unused feature of Unity 5, but I’m unsure of that claim (I personally haven’t developed with the Unity game engine before).

So there’s nothing to worry about. :wink:
Also, as Thunderbolt has said, you can disable the in-game PhsyX message through the “3D-Einstellungen” drop-down at the top of the NVIDIA Control Panel’s menu bar.

I have the same EXACT issue and i have the same exact settings as well. The only thing diff is that i use a 750M and you use a 760M.

I had to turn off that message as mentioned on topic but aside from that i didnt notice any frame drop.

why would you make a ‘huge investment’ in a laptop? just build a pc for christ sake