PhysX in Havok?

Do any of you think Havok (and therefore the Source engine, and Garry’s Mod) will someday soon support PhysX? It’s got realtime fluid dynamics, and realistic cloth as well. The cloth can even be shot, and if destroyed along the top it actually falls. I mean how could you not want that in Gmod?

Well as long as its not laggy i’d love as much real-ism i can get! But other than high quality textures, i don’t see the graphics being much better than they were 2 years ago. Most map’s I’ve sceen arent even very detailed. I’ve been quite disapointed by lots of the Gmod content lately.

Havok and PhysX are two different physics engines. Rivals, you might say.

Also, the new Havok versions have more features than PhysX does, but GMOD doesn’t use it because Source doesn’t use it.

it wouldn’t be laggy if the engine was built in to the source cas the engine can handle it

This would be wicked. But will never happen. I still think garry should make a garry’s mod on a better engine or implement dynamic water and cloth etc.

Why on earth would there be physx support in havok, when they’re two opposing companies?

Havok is also better, but source is using an outdated version.

maybe someday ati will start incorporating nvidia GPUs into their graphics cards, too


the same day when intel release a processor in which one of the cores is made by amd

Source uses his own havok version.

Source is a male? I never knew… But how do you know this?

he’s a pretty cool dude

He tells me every night



You are doing it incorrectly

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Valve tend to tailor Source towards ATi cards, so I would be very suprised to even see a hint of PhysX mentioned.

Valve also use a very heavyily modified Havok version, so I wouldn’t expect an upgrade any time soon either.

No, it’s

the current physics engine is just fine for gmod.

No it isn’t. Don’t say it is because the current physics engine sucks. Lags like hell from 3 cars moving around at the same time (about 16 props each). No excuse.

True. I wish Garry’s Mod was more realistic.

How were said cars constructed, pray tell? Lag is as much dependent on poorly-placed constraints as it is on mere collision physics.

How much do you think it is?

Try searching the open directory. Are they exactly the same?