Pick Axe vs. Metal Door??

Relatively how long does it take a pick to break down a metal door?

I logged back on today, and saw that my new 2x1 foundation house with two wood doors in it was taken over, and someone now claims it to be theirs with two metal doors :frowning:
I have some pretty nice gear on my person that I REALLY do not want to lose; some weapons, decent amount of resources. I have one C4 pack, but there is two doors. And I have a pick. Any ideas?


You might aswell just lie down and wait for the inevitable death by hunger, cause theres no way in hell you are getting out! :slight_smile: Metal doors require 2 charges, and forget about the pickaxe, that wont happen within this year

I finally get established in this game and that’s all I get?.. I wish I could break the walls with my bow…
First M4. First Good House. First Sidearm. sigh

Sorry bud, might as well open up the console and type “suicide” or wait till that guy comes on

Well there is always a First time occurrence in everything.
Happened to me yesterday someone used C4 and blew a wall and a metal door :frowning: all I need is explosive so I can research to make explosive charge.

Ask for someone to bail you out? Otherwise, suicide.

if you have a friend throw all your stuff through the door

It’s current impossible to melee a metal door. Metal doors actually require 3 charges but 90% of the time only require 2 due to decay. So your best bet is to ask for help in ooc, wait for the guy to login and or wait a day or two and try your chance with one charge.

destroy the wall?

Sorry man, for you, the only hope is to open up the console and hit F1, and depending on how the doors are placed, if you have just 1 door leading to the outside, then throw it out that one door but if not, then you have lost everything unless you can make more explosives.

Don’t you have any windows or shit from a high point? Gather all the valuables and leave the place.

Just log off a few days and wait for the building to decay

Killing yourself is pointless, wait a day or two and it’s almost guaranteed that building will get broken in.

Unless you’re impatient, in which case just suicide I guess.


Some guys were nice enough to let me join thier teamspeak, and it turns out someone from their group started to use my house as their secondary house. So he let me out lol