Pick Axe vs Wall

Is it possible to break a wall with a pickaxe? If so, how many hits?

not that i know of, only explosive charges or grenades

No, you can not.

You can hurt it, but it will not break it.

I imagine about 10 people with pickaxes going at a wall for a while would eventually break it.

Until we get solid numbers as to how much health these buildings have exactly, and how much damage a c4 does, etc, it’s impossible to tell unless someone really tries, with a recording.

lie. my friend destroys a wall with a pickaxe or hatchet (dont remember) it took him 2 nights and 2 days (in game ofc)

You can check health of wood doors u just put wood into ur hotbar and click the number the wood is on and it will heal the door for 50 health every one piece of wood out of a total of 500 health
hatchet is 2 damage and pickaxe is 6 but it wont heal walls