Pick Me Up, the map

Yes, I am making a map based straight off of the book, pick me up. I’m also having it sideways so that it’s in order (you heard me, i’m starting with the last thing that made you laugh all the way to remember deciding to pick up this book? (In the map it is going to say Remember deciding to download this map?)).
The first page

Pretty much a zero-content thread.

I see a block room, boring textures, no lighting, a weird glitch on the left-bottom side.

That’s why this map is not in relase section.

I have no idea what the fuck is this book about, but I’m curious about how this will look further.
Good luck.

This is the old versoin that won’t compile

That’s even worse.

Well, I just started it and it seemes I have to put the picture on the first post right when I announce it.

Creating a box, and spawning a lot of random entities in it is not a good way to start a map. It seems to me, that you are just making it up as you go. That way to work is rarely working (at least not for me). You should plan ahead most of the map (if not the whole) before you even open hammer. Find some reference images, and learn from some tutorials. Also you should playtest other maps, from mappers and game developers, and see what they do to create for example atmosphere or just basic geometry.

You work on your maps to lighting and medium detail before you make a thread.

You just started making a map than looks as though you have no experience with hammer what so ever. We don’t care that you started making a map, if you start releasing images it means you should be to a standard where the images can be criticized on. So far you have a box room with some props. Big deal.

Start hitting those tutorials again and READ THE STICKY.


I call troll.

What’s with people calling troll every time someone posts a crummy map? I mean, we all have to start from somewhere, even though some people don’t want to keep it to themselves.

Found one