pick up sleeping bags/turrets

why i cant pick up my sleeping bag like i was in legacy? also will be nice if u can pick up and move to another place a turret… coz u always build a house and ur def priority always is change and for most ppl is impossible or very hard to get at last 1 turret…and u can place it in wrong place or u need move turret to another place or ur house get raided and u wanna build another 1…so subj

I am not sure why they removed the option. Once possible reason could be the fact that they did not want people to just go authorize on your cabinet, then just pick up the bags and turrets and walk off with them.

u can pick up only ur own sleeping bag, also u cant pick up turrets if its “on”

You should be able to take other people’s bags and pick them up, so naked a could go to a rad town and steal the bags everyone spams around them.

You can destroy other people’s sleeping bags.

I know… I think you should be able to pick up bags.