'Pick up that can.'

true story this happened in my gmod earlier, vid on youtube and you shitlords can find it your goddamn selves

another fun hl2 tip: play through the game’s levels using only madcow’s fistful of frags sweps OH WAIT YOU CAN’T GARRY BROKE THEM FUCK

few things are as satisfying as wrecking combine shit with a trench gun and colt navy


wow fuck photoshop thanks for dicking the quality despite being on full settings

fuk u


additional backstory:

sleepmatic: did you just
sleepmatic: saunter on over
SON OF DAD: whip out a 1928
SON OF DAD: and magdump into him?
SON OF DAD: yes.
SON OF DAD: yes i did.
SON OF DAD: then i threw him in the bin
SON OF DAD: threw in the can on top of him
SON OF DAD: and walked off casually
SON OF DAD: but fuck posing all of that

project new hope?
is this some kind of new hosting site or what?

yeah dreamhost is being fucking pissy with me, that’s my ftp. try again in a few minutes, if it’s not fixed soon i’ll upload it somewhere else i guess

**[URL=“http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/179300.html”]Hell hath no fury like a rossmum scorned.

should work now, dunno why it went down

Heh. I like the dialogue.

Where did he get weapon?

Nice work btw

it was concealed within his trenchcoat

I think just about everyone has done this before.

including me, but the first time was with a usp so i decided to use something a bit more fuckoff (in this case an m1928 with a drum)

Blood is a bit bright.

Casings look sharpened, the shooting pose is somewhat unrealistic and unnatural.

I laughed, Rossmum, you continue to impress me. :buddy:

Blood is to red. Rossum GJ, but the blood could be better, smoke, shells, and impact all impress me though.

Hehe. Brings back memories.

that gangster’s got some serious back problems if he’s going to walk around like the hunchback all day.

I like the faceposi…oh wait

Why is the gangster getting lit up when there is no muzzleflash?

And those are some slow moving bullets.

Dialogue’s pretty good though.


everything got sharpened when i resized it. which aspect of the pose bugs you? his feet are more or less correctly placed (perhaps a little too close together), but the camera cuts it off and the perspective kills it so it’s hard to tell; he’s shooting from the hip, so it’s not like he’s meant to have the weapon shouldered.

was going to be one, but i backflipped on that because shit, i already overuse the damn things in situations they’re not likely to be seen in.

as for bullets - they’re not all exiting. i was debating whether to have any exit at all, but i decided i’d better to prevent people trying to call me out on it. the stab-vest (possibly bullet resistant to some degree) would probably slow the already pretty slow .45 acp rounds down enough for them to either stop inside him or against the reverse side of the vest.

during the first two frames it was deliberate - you know, the whole ‘oppression’ thing - but yeah, definitely should’ve fixed that in the last one.

yeah, faceposing was pretty much my last concern and the fact these models don’t facepose so well didn’t do much to help that. next time i might isolate on a different head so i get a better range of emotion happening.