Pick yourself up and try again... before having a sook.

Lately I’ve seen too many people complaining about being raided, being killed on the spot by others, losing some of their gear or generally just interacting with other players and complaining about it. Just people who are basically giving up at first sign of another player coming by. It’s not that hard to get stuff together if you be smart and not run to the populated areas or on that populated servers and if you are having that much trouble why not go to a less populated server to get your head around the game before hopping in a heavily populated war zone.

I think we’ve all been through that whole crying about your stuff getting nicked when you were logged off or being killed with heaps of good stuff on you but tough luck, crying about it is not going to make a hostile player think twice about you.

Just move on a keep playing and enjoy this wonderful game without slandering it because you don’t know how to move on.

End Rant, Enjoy Rust.

It can only get better!

I blame the everybody wins, participation medal receiving, entitled outlook of our society… sorry kids, not everyone wins this game, just like a real anarchic apocalyptic situation. More adapt and less cry.

Actually, no one wins this game. That’s kind of the point. Sense you make not, especially when developers have confirmed game balance wasn’t a priority and will be given attention later down the road. Sometimes it’s not about winning, and it isn’t definitely about your own percieved sense of victory. It’s about making things actually work.

I agree with the OP though. This is alpha, bear with the game and it eventually offers you a good time besides all the limitations it currently has, which is something.

Damn right.

In that kind of situation you always look out for number one; yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have friends, your survivability just goes up exponentially.

People just need to stop crying whenever they get killed and learn to keep their eyes open and hide.