Pickaxe to Kevlar & Epic FAIL!

Don’t be deceived, what I have advertised in the title is in the video! However I have added a lot more footage within the episode since that’s what I do! Post episodes. I hope you enjoy!


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(Besides the fact that my audio levels are fucked :stuck_out_tongue: I have a new MIC and I’m getting used to the new setup!)

Epic video - Unfortunate luck aha

Dat Aim Doe

Best part:

Shawn: Tickle my pickle and call me a cripple,
SKream: SHhhhhhhHH I’m about to kill them

Agaha yeah. I don’t have a clue what my friend was doing, he has these spontaneous out bursts sometimes :slight_smile:

The aim of missing 90% of your bullets unless they’re afk. yeah, dat aim…

I hadn’t played Rust in a while. You could say my aim was off yes. Either way it’s bullshit for you to say that I missed 90% of shots, I don’t recall anyone being afk either…

Good video again man

Thanks bud

Can’t wait for more episodes. how come it was ages for the latest episode

I have a job as well as collage :slight_smile:

shit, more than my lazy ass can be bothered to do xD

Ahaha :slight_smile:

ahah that was so funny

nice, fun to watch

Cheers buddy! I do try and edit up all the action together. Sometimes I could be recording for hours and it would only accumulate to like 2m worth of footage :slight_smile:

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Ahah :slight_smile: One of the best part of uploading videos is watching back stupid things with friends :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well it works both ways. viewers like me enjoy this and you enjoy watching back on it with the people you paly with xD

>misses almost 15 p250 shots
>“i did amazing things”


Who did your channel Graphics? I really want to start making videos again.

My aim on that first guy was shit. I wasn’t referring to my aim when I said ‘amazing things’. I was referring to the fact that I went on 1 HP and survived.

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I made it all myself.