Picket signs with four various skins (I have made images for the skins)

I’ll make this simple.

What I’m doing: Making scenes for a visual of my own Hell, for a Dante’s Inferno project.
What I need: A picket sign with a stick for the “End is near” sign and flat signs with no stick for the Westboro Baptist Church signs.

I’m not sure if you can export this model and slap on a new texture for the “End is Near”, but there’s this I found on garrysmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=69129
If you can’t do that, then a simple picket sign model with a wood texture for the stick and my image as the board texture.

I have made a few images that I would like used for the sign models (thumbnails):


I’ll need these as soon as possible, I’m no modeler and I can’t fit in learning how to make and export models in the time that I have.

Thank you very much in advance to whoever can make these four models.

Making it now. Should have it done before end of today.

I made the signs they turned out ok but I have not made a model in a while so I don’t have the software to make it usable in gmod. I cannot be bothered to get it again as this was a one off thing to try to get me back into modelling. It failed. Sorry.

Is that software Gui Studio MDL? I’ve tried using that before, but it always says the gameinfo.txt and something else is missing.

Oh well, thanks for trying. I’d prefer to make a video scene and use the muscle tool to make the protesters move their arms up and down holding the sign but I’ll have to make the scene a screen shot and use Gimp to add in the signs.

Do you know how to add materials in the Material toolgun in Garry’s Mod, or replace a texture to a prop such as a PHX tile in the game folders? Those were my two alternatives, but I’m not sure if I can do either one of those.

Put it this way.

I know how to make models it comes naturally to me and is very easy. I just happen to be very lazy to re install the stuff I need. I make my models in the hammer editor and export them as props. I made the props and put all the textures in garry’s mod one. I also installed the plugin to make things props to half life 2 one. That one is broken and I know how to put the plugin into garry’s mod for hammer I just cannot be bothered.

In other words I can do it at some point maybe over the weekend.

in response to the comment (Is that software Gui Studio MDL? I’ve tried using that before, but it always says the gameinfo.txt and something else is missing.) I don’t use that anyway but I do if using other modelling software.

Hammer makes cool props. I made these with it.
You will find most of those on the from pages for the toybox models.

Your models should be done soon.


I need to finder newer versions of plugins.

Expected release. ( sunday / monday / tuesday ) one of those. My money is on tuesday but I will put effort into each day.

My project is due on Tuesday so that could be a problem…

If making just one of the Westboro Baptist Church signs and the ‘End is Near’ sign can allow you to release on Monday or sooner, that would be great. I can see where making four props will take longer but just two will work.

I made them all I will release them Monday at about 7pm English time if that is ok ?

some proof.

I can upload them tonight here is a finished picture of them.
They are all the same size I just had them floating at different heights.

to find the models go into browse on the Q menu and looks for picket_signs.


Hope it helped. mind messaging me a picture or whatever it is you are doing with it as it sounds interesting.
And happy to help you out with this as most people don’t get what they want made and within a deadline that makes it harder to.

And one last thing before I forget. You put in the title of this thread (I have made images for the skins). Actually you are right and wrong because you have images that can be used for the skins but they have to be converted with a program called VTFedit to make them valve material files. So they work for gmod. I had to save the images and convert them myself. You might have made some people think you have already converted them yourself. Maybe that is just me I am not sure.

Thank you so much, I was starting to think it would be too late for these. While I was waiting, I made a scene as backup just in-case the signs weren’t ready before Tuesday, but now I was able to make a better scene.

This is the first scene that will be shown in my video, it shows the act of evil committed that brought the person into hell.

Here’s the backup scene I made:

It’s good, but not very ideal for what I had pictured at first.

Thanks to the picket signs you made, I was able to make this:

I like this one a lot better, and it shows a greater evil than whispering about a lie to a friend.

I’m piecing the video together at the moment, so I can’t go on typing but thank you again, you’ve helped me out a great deal.

Looks great hope the video turns out how you hoped it would. Need anything else feel free to send me a private message.