Picking Plants

after reading how the plants are grown on darkland, does anybody know how the display of “60%” is created floating above the plant when you’re growing?

I’ve never played Darkland, but from the sound of it they use cam.Start3D2D.

ever since i started playing there, they pioneered many techniques such as being able to buy cars/storing them for later, growing drugs and selling to npc’s for cash, and having a holster system where weapons wouldn’t be lost on death, it’s just come to mind how cool some of these code snippets are. so i’ve dedicated some of my time to lua scripting. i’m taking a 10th grade class on C++ so once i’ve learned enough about that, i’ve heard that lua scripting isn’t as hard.

so in short terms i wanna script gamemodes for gmod, and i am very well aware what kind of a pain in the ass it is.