Picking up cars (TDM)

I want a usergroup off ULX called “owner” to be able to pick up TDM Cars and cars with their physgun.

I’ve done this but this only works for Admin and SuperAdmin:

local function PhysgunPickup(ply, ent)
	--If the player is an admin, and the entity is a door or a player,
	if ply:IsAdmin() and (ent:GetClass():lower() == "func_door" or ent:GetClass():lower() == "player") then
		return false -- Deny pickup
	elseif ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
		return true
hook.Add("PhysgunPickup", "Physgun.DenyShit", PhysgunPickup)

You didn’t do this, Vegasx did.

Well done. Any help?