Picking up guns with the use key.

I was wondering if there is any way to make all your sweps that you have pick up by pressing e on them. Or even an addon with a bunch of guns that pickup with e like the dark-rp ones but i can’t find any dark-rp guns that work in sandbox.

I’ve been looking for this as well for a while.

What if there was a simple script you could run in any game or game-mode in Gmod that made it so that you have to use the use key to pick up any item? Because I hate dancing around a box of 45 SMG rounds when I have 1 bullet less than the maximum it will let me carry. Same with health kits. I don’t always want to use it the very second I see it.

I’m surprised nobody’s made it yet.

I need this because i’m making a secret CIA base with flip out walls that have guns all over them and i don’t want them to be picked up when i walk past the wall.